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Jack Sordoni – President and Chief Executive Officer -
Jack Sordoni has been the President and Chief Executive Officer of Homeland Energy since founding the Company in 2004. Jack manages all aspects of Homeland Energy's businesses, including oil and gas exploration and production, representing landowners in the Appalachian Basin.


Strategic Industry Partner
Homeland Energy has greatly benefitted from a partnership with a solid strategic industry partner, a privately owned oil and gas company comprised of veteran and successful industry professionals. Homeland's partner's greatest success has come from its focus on high-risk, science driven opportunities combined with its broad network of industry relationships.  The partnership has expanded to include Upper Devonian oil and gas development in Northwestern Pennsylvania as well as Marcellus and Utica Shale interests in the Northeast Appalachian Basin.  The Homeland partnership has enhanced Homeland’s focus, broadened its horizons, improved its ability to analyze opportunities and tightened the company’s focus on sophisticated data and reporting management.


Administration - Homeland employs a small administrative staff of three experienced and skilled professionals who manage accounts payable, accounts receivable, lease maintenance, project budgeting, production and company and investor revenue.

Accounting - Since 2004, Homeland Energy has retained the accounting firm Parente Beard, LLC.  Charles Morgan has been a partner at Parente Beard for more than 20 years and oversees all accounting matters for Homeland.